Saturday, 26 May 2018

Bahamians Own Aliv, BTC Still Foreign Owned

The difference between the country's fastest growing mobile provider Aliv and the dinosaur former monopoly BTC, is that Aliv is 100 per cent Bahamian-owned, while BTC is at the behest of Liberty Global.  This fact is so evident in the completely different marketing style and approach that Aliv has - one in which genuine care and concern is shown for the well-being of the Bahamian people. 

Aliv is making such great strides that it will eventually begin to take the brand international, whilst maintaining The Bahamas as its base.  As the call continues to be made for an increase in Bahamian ownership, Aliv has made its presence felt and continues to prove that under Bahamian ownership, companies in the country can create first class brands.

Aliv is offering stellar service to its clients and continues to show true care and concern for the Bahamian people daily, through once unheard-of giveaways and through consistent community service.  It's a totally different approach from the millions wasted by BTC on marketing, more in an attempt to keep its name out there, and with seemingly less intention on actually supporting the people on the ground.  Most of the major investments BTC has made has resulted in the kind of kickbacks that allow it to keep its brand visible, but is not relatable to the general public.  Meantime, Aliv continues to give back unabated to civic organizations, youth groups, churches, and many other organizations.  Aliv executives know that by investing in the Bahamian people, it is an investment in creating a better society for all.

Not only is Aliv 100 per cent Bahamian owned, but it also has less than 5 per cent of its entire staff who are not Bahamian.  Major operations throughout The Bahamas have been operating with a greater percentage than this, such as hotels and financial institutions.  Of the 300 plus employees that make up the life blood of Aliv, less than ten of them are not native Bahamians.  However, of that ten, all are executives with vast telecommunications experience, with a combined more than a hundred years of expertise in the field.

Unlike many other companies, these foreign executives have no plans of staying in The Bahamas indefinitely, although they would be welcomed by the Bahamian people, as has been evidenced by their involvement thus far.  Instead, these foreign professionals have every intention to move on and hand over the reigns to Bahamians when their terms have ended.  They are therefore currently training Bahamians to take the reigns and run the company efficiently when their terms come to an end.  Thereafter, Aliv will not only be 100 per cent Bahamian owned, they will also be 100 per cent Bahamian operated. 

Despite the noise in the market, there is ample proof that these executives are fully committed to seeing Bahamians manage their own affairs.  The expertise of these individuals are invaluable, and should be welcomed by Bahamians.  

Residents can now put the embarrassing facades of BTC behind them and focus on Aliv - a company that can proudly boast of being owned by Bahamians.  It is all to clear in the minds of Bahamians the upset they felt to learn that Cable and Wireless had purchased BTC for a mere $200 million and were able to retain majority ownership.  Many Bahamians were sent home after receiving packages and being told that their services were no longer needed.

Cable and wireless then pulled a fast one and sold BTC to Liberty Global for a whopping $1.2 billion.  Afterward, they disappeared having left the old dinosaur no better than they met it.  

There is a completely different attitude present at Aliv.  One in which Bahamians and the Bahamas are first and foremost, and in fact the prominent priority for the company.  meantime, Aliv continues to send Bahamian executives and team members to local and international training sessions, improving its operations daily.

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