Saturday, 19 May 2018

Minister Dames: Recruitment Process Will Be Reviewed

NASSAU, The Bahamas -- Minister of State the Hon. Marvin Dames said, during his Contribution on the 2017/2018 Budget Communication in the House of Assembly, on June 12, 2017 that his Government intends to review the recruitment process of all law enforcement agencies.
"There have been too many reports coming to my desk from members of the public -- some family members and others, of young persons who have been waiting for many years without any feedback on whether they were successful or not," Minister Dames said.
"As a matter of fact, there are some persons who have mentioned to me that they are aware of others who had applied only recently and have been accepted into these organizations." 
Minister Dames pointed out that there was a view that the recruitment process in the Police Force, and other departments, are driven by politics and nepotism.  Real or perceived, he said, there is a need for the Government to bring about a greater level of transparency to that process.
"We are going to ensure that only the best and brightest, and most deserving Bahamians are recruited and afforded the opportunity to become a part of the law enforcement family," Minister Dames said.
When speakng about education and training, Minister Dames said in the dynamic and constantly changing field of law enforcement, training and education are essential.
"During this budget year, we will develop a modern training schedule for all law enforcement agencies which will have as its focus the latest crime fighting and investigative techniques, multi-agency approaches, customer service, management and leadership training, Minister Dames said.  "We will explore the opportunities to partner with the University of The Bahamas to help us to develop our junior and senior level law enforcement managers in the areas of management and leadership."
To foster greater camaraderie and efficiency, Minister Dames said his Government will seek to invest in joint training exercises across The Bahamas' law enforcement agencies to improve readiness and synergy.
"We will also take full advantage of training opportunities offered by our regional and international partners," Minister Dames said.
"We will also strengthen in-service training at the Police Training College
throughout the rank and file -- which we left in place in 2002 -- to keep pace with international standards of law enforcement today."
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