Saturday, 19 May 2018

ALIV Attracting More & More Bahamians

BTC executives are reeling as less than a month after the introduction of Mobile Number Portability, the revenue streamline has slowed significantly, causing fears that Aliv has become a more attractive option for Bahamians. 

Aliv is gaining in popularity day by day with more flexible plans, better service, better marketing, and a more realistic perspective that telecom customers can relate to.  
In response to the amount of clients leaving BTC and choosing Aliv, BTC obviously increased its marketing budget and charities budget.  But their clients see right through them.  Many of them are wondering why certain privileges were not afforded to them over the decades of continued patronage to the once monopoly company.  Only now that Aliv has made its presence felt with stellar customer service and obvious traits of putting the customer first, does BTC now make offers of more minutes and data offerings.
A little too late, BTC.  Your customers see right through you and they are making the switch to alive, because Aliv has made the best offerings to customers from the very beginning.  
Aliv is continuing to gain a significant amount of the mobile number portability market, and has, in just a few short months, captured at least a third of the market, much to the dismay of BTC executives who did not properly prepare themselves for the inevitable opening of the market to competition.  

Don't expect the tide to fall anytime soon.  Aliv continues to offer competitive rates, excellent cell phone service, and the best customer service in telecommunications in The Bahamas.

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