Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Register to vote for a better life

Nassau, Bahamas - On Sunday, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that Parliament will be dissolved on April 11and voters who wish to participate in this election will have until Monday, April 10to register to vote.

In recent times, we have witnessed widespread disaffection with the status quo among the electorate.

The moment to firmly grasp the reigns of our country and change its fortunes is nearly upon us.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) urges eligible Bahamians to register to vote in order to participate in our democracy and bring a much needed change to governance in The Bahamas.

As election day approaches, it is important to remember the past as we move into our future.

Over the last decade, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Free National Movement (FNM) have been mirror images of failure.

Numerous downgrades; record murder rate after record murder rate; out of control crime; record unemployment; massive ballooning debt; unresolved infrastructural issues; unchecked corruption, waste, scandal and pandering to foreign interests above that of Bahamians have been the hallmarks of the past two administrations.
The record is clear for all to see.

A vote for the PLP or the FNM is a vote for disaster, a vote for the continued mismanagement of our nation and her precious resources.

A vote for the PLP or the FNM is vote for a recipe of failure both legacy parties have perfected over the decades.

The DNA is ready to serve the Bahamian people and restore the stability and strength of our nation.

The DNA has a strategy to curb crime, to bring offenders to justice, and restore law and order in our communities.

The DNA is committed to restoring our education system and making affordable healthcare accessible to all.

The DNA has a plan to ease the burden of taxation and red tape from struggling business owners.

The DNA has a plan to help the downtrodden, to stop the shrinkage of the middle class and move Bahamians from simply being laborers, to being owners of their own economy.

The DNA is the only party serious about implementing a fixed date for elections; the lack of which has added to confusion in the aftermath of the prime minister's announcement.

The FNM has no viable plans for this country.

The PLP has no intention of ending its track record of ineptitude, lofty promises and lack of delivery, unable to get basic services and programs on track over the last five years.

We urge all Bahamians to think carefully over the next few weeks about this country we love and who we hand it over to.

The power to realize change is in your hands.

The chance to create opportunities for your children and their children is within grasp.

We urge Bahamians to vote DNA for a better Bahamas.

Vote DNA for a better life.

- Branville McCartney, DNA leader

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