Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Dames outlines FNM’s crime plan

Nassau, Bahamas - Marvin Dames, Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for Mount Moriah, issued the following statement regarding the FNM’s plan to attack crime:

“My long career in law enforcement was ignited by the passion my father instilled in me at an early age. He believed in leaving behind a country in which our children and grandchildren are given more opportunities than previous generations. I believe building a safe and secure country requires more than words, it even requires more than the existing desire we all share for safer streets; It will take thoughtful, proactive measures, which I have spent the better part of my life working to develop.”

“The experience and observations my career provided offered the realization that a government itself cannot create a magical formula to prevent crime. This is why the FNM believes solutions must be integrated with a local, community based approach. Human capital is the cornerstone of the FNM’s plan, which entails working closely with church leaders, educators and social workers to create proactive neighbourhood safety programs. We must attack the root of crime, beginning with educating our children on the difference between right and wrong as well as the consequences of each.”

“Our government however, must be dedicated to supporting its police force and their efforts to work with their respective communities. The FNM will work to implement a modern, efficient police force that is adequately trained and equipped to detect crime at the instance it occurs. In part to maintain a modern crime fighting machine, we must reinstitute term limits for the Commissioner of Police, Commodore of the Defence Force and the Commissioner of Corrections. I am confident that by working together, the government and the constituencies they represent will reverse the trend of rising crime, and we will build a society in which Bahamians can live their lives without fear.”

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