Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Continued Waste of Taxpayer Money

Nassau, Bahamas - Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement:

“When does it end? When first seizing power the PLP put their VAT tax in place, insisting it was needed for the deficit. Far from bringing about fiscal accountability this PLP Government has been on a brazen, barrage of reckless spending forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for their largess. We have seen them hand out countless government contracts under their control to friends, donors, even families. From bizarrely overpriced contracts to friends to put up holiday decorations downtown in Nassau to continuing to pay to clean the streets - yet it’s clear to anyone and everyone the work is not being done. The Bahamian people are being ripped off at every turn.”

“With their grip on power slipping, the PLP continues its abuse of power by using taxpayer dollars to advertise their re-election campaign. The Punch earlier this week carried an advertisement from the government – specifically on BAMSI, with the PLP’s logo at the bottom. Is it not enough that they reward friends, allies and donors with lavish government contracts -- does the PLP expect Bahamian taxpayers to pay for the PLP’s campaign?”

“While this Government plows ahead with reckless, ill-advised spending, it’s the people that continue to suffer. Carnival money – missing; VAT money – missing; taxpayer money spent on political ads – found. The FNM will bring transparency and accountability to government; the people deserve nothing less from their leaders. The people will know what we are spending their money on. We will not hide behind secret deals and legislative trickery. Change is coming to The Bahamas and an FNM government will serve the people, not look to enrich themselves.”

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