Sunday, 16 December 2018

Goombay Ends With a Bang

NASSAU, Bahamas — Visitors and tourists alike were treated to a fantastic close of the 2016 Goombay Summer Festival.

As the sun set on the Western Esplanade Saturday night, dozens of onlookers flocked to the beach as three flyboarders took to the sky in the water, donned in neon lit gear.

Flyboarding is a sport where a jetpack or hover board is supplied with propulsion allowing an individual to fly through the air or water and perform various tricks.

The three performers lit up the night sky doing backflips, summersaults, 360 degree spins and other feats on the water which drew applause from hundreds of onlookers.

“I liked the show,” said Thomas Smith, a resident. “It was awesome.

“It was entertaining. It got my attention from way on the other side. You couldn’t miss it. It was unexpected.”

Masion Jones of Boston said it was “absolutely fantastic”.

“I came to visit family and they brought me out here and I’m enjoying it,” he said.

“It’s beautiful.”

Kristian Smoyer, one of the flyboarders, said she had a great time in The Bahamas.

She was greeted by dozens of visitors and locals who were clamoring for a picture.

“Our company, Powerfly Products, did a boat show in Florida and I believe the Ministry of Tourism came out and saw us and then we got the opportunity to come out here,” she said.

Asked about performing in The Bahamas she said, “It’s amazing.


“Where I live we don’t have the crystal clear waters. Everyone here is amazing. It’s so much fun.”

Director of Events Charity Armbrister said the flyboard spectacle was the perfect way to end the summer of Goombay.

She said the response to Goombay Summer Festival has been amazing.

“This is a great way to end the summer officially. There are a lot of kids out here with their parents and it is a great way to have a good time,” she said.

“The response from the tourists I must say is overwhelming.

“As you might be aware we have shuttle buses that comes from Paradise Island and Cable Beach as well as from the port. So, I think, the last week we must have had at least about 500 tourists taking the shuttle back and forth.”

Armbrister praised the staff at the Ministry of Tourism for a successful festival noting that it was hard but exciting work.


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