Wednesday, 13 February 2019


The Bamboo Town Constituency Association of the Free National Movement and FNMs in Bamboo Town, wish to express our considerable personal and collective disappointment over the resignation of Mr. Branville McCartney from the FNM and the abrupt manner in which it was done. 

Statement of The Bamboo Town

Constituency Association of the

Free National Movement

23 March 2011

Mr. McCartney did not inform the Executives of the Bamboo Town Association prior to his decision.  We learned of his decision at the same time it was made public.   Having worked for his election to the House of Assembly and on his behalf in Bamboo Town, we would have expected the basic courtesy of prior notification and consultation. 

Mr. McCartney had numerous opportunities to inform the Association leadership of his decision, even as recently as last Thursday night, when two of our Executives met with him.  He could have telephoned our Association Chairman immediately prior to his resignation.

Many in Bamboo Town still do not understand his abrupt resignation from the Cabinet and now his resignation from the FNM.  The philosophy, manifesto, policies and leadership of the FNM have not changed since Mr. McCartney was elected to the House of Assembly as an FNM, and joined Mr. Ingraham’s Cabinet.

It is our view that the majority of FNMs in Bamboo Town as well as the majority of residents in our great constituency support the Government’s creation of a new partnership between BTC and Cable & Wireless to create a cutting-edge telecommunications company that will move The Bahamas forward. 

In the end he did not vote.  We are stunned that when the big vote came Mr. McCartney seemed more concerned about his own personal decision than the broader needs of the people of The Bahamas.

We will continue to work for the new and better direction the country is moving in under the leadership of Prime Minister Ingraham and the Free National Movement.

The Bamboo Town Constituency Association is proud of the work our party has done under Prime Minister Ingraham’s leadership during the worldwide economic downturn.   

We pledge ourselves to ensuring that in the next general election Bamboo Town remains FNM country.  Thank You.


Delecia Williams, Chair                                                            Gregory Sherman, Council Representative                                                                             

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