Wednesday, 13 February 2019


The National Development Party weighs in on the announcement that party founder Dr. Andre Rollins joining the Progressive Liberal Party.


"We remind the Bahamian people that in life some men will naturally gravitate to the easy road, but regardless of justifications true leaders are guided by principals and not political expediency. We in the National Development Party hold firmly to our faith in a brighter future for this Bahamas and are therefore not interested in trading one tyranny for the other.

Truth be told, Dr. Rollins has not played any role in the National Development Party since the Elizabeth By-Election in February 2010. Since then the National Development Party has added fresh blood and has grown into a credible political party with men and women ready to seriously contest the next general elections.

Like Dr. Rollins, the National Development Party believes that our country is on the wrong track and that successive governments have failed to cast a desirable vision for The Bahamas. However, unlike Dr. Rollins, we do not believe that a single person can change the course of the regressive ships of the PLP and FNM. Our political history is littered with men and women who, like Dr. Rollins, thought otherwise. Nevertheless our prayers are with him as he seeks to change the leopard’s skin.

Our focus is steadfast and our foundation is firm as even now we are determined more than ever to break the stranglehold of both the FNM and PLP on this our beloved country. Everyday more and more Bahamians are realizing that the zenith of the PLP and FNM has long past and we, the National Development Party, are the new and rising arm of democracy in this our beloved country."

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