Saturday, 20 April 2019

Safety issues and health hazards at C.W. Sawyer Primary School

Statement by Senator Dr. Michael Darville
Opposition Spokesman on Education
For Immediate Release

4th February 2019


Information that is of public interest has come to my attention concerning a number of lingering safety issues and health hazards at the C. W. Sawyer Primary School that make for an unfit learning environment and workplace.  

Staff members have complained that parts of the school building are not structurally sound and secure. Specifically, the stairs are moving away from the building. There are also reports of a suspected sink hole near or under the building housing grade four students.

Additionally, teachers have reported visible evidence of mold infestation and teachers in the lower school have suffered repiratory ailments and have taken sick leave.

These concerns in addition to others have already been documented and reported in writing to both the school principal and district superintendent, but to date no corrective action has been taken. So unbearable and protracted are these conditions that teachers in these affected classroom areas are threatening a demonstration and sit out.

I call on the Minister of Education to move with alacrity in addressing these longstanding issues that are putting the health and safety of our public school teachers and students at risk.

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