Sunday, 17 February 2019

Malcolm Park gets an upgrade


Nassau, Bahamas - Malcolm Park has been a place where many young Bahamians have sharpened their basketball skills for many years.

Final touches were being applied to the court as the Chairman of The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority got his first look at the newly renovated basketball court.







As one of the heavily used basketball courts in the country, several steps had to be taken to make the court safe to mitigate injuries to players.
“We excavated the surface and installed new asphalt and one of our revolutionary products, Cushion Master, which has been on the market for forty years and is FIBA certified,” said Managing Director of Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSGC), Dr. Allen Albury.
The Seal Master product is a cushioned sport surface system that is ideal for tennis, basketball courts and other recreational areas because it is filled with rubber granules for shock absorption and a cushioned effect that allows players the benefit of having less injuries during play time, according to Dr. Allen.
“We have been involved in resurfacing basketball courts for years throughout Nassau and the Family Islands and we would like to see this court duplicated throughout the country.” 

President of Bahamas Striping Group of Companies, Mr. Atario Mitchell applies the final lines to the newly resurfaced basketball park at Malcolm Park.

The court also received a new added feature which includes the 242 paint design which is a signature design of BSGC.

Shannendon Cartwright, Executive Chairman of The Bahamas Public Parks, and Public Beaches Authority, said the project is a reflection of what a public/private partnership can achieve.
“Parks are where dreams and aspirations are nurtured not only by young men of all communities, but families from all walks of life,” he said.
The power of partnership with Bahamas Striping Group of Companies, K.W. Paving and The Bahamas Public Parks and Beaches Authority has provided the country with a refuge for the development and nurturing of young Bahamians.
Mr. Cartwright indicated that it is hoped that the Authority will have enough funding to revamp all of the parks in New Providence.
Basketball players from all over the country and tourists can now use the newly rehabilitated court.
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