Sunday, 17 February 2019

After leaking all the people bills to the public, Adrian Gibson wants his secret deals hushed up by WSC staff

Nassau - We keep telling yinner the FNM does lie and is full of trickery. They say it’s the people’s time… and then immediately start firing people.

Here’s another case. Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman, just before the holidays, began leaking to the morning dailies who owed the Water and Sewerage Corporation. He, yinner would remember, was one of the biggest advocates with Save the Bays for a Freedom of Information ACT!

But, after out-maneuvering the axed General Manager of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, he landed himself a job, plenty money and a new car as Executive Chairman of WSC. He promoted some 31 FNMs up the ranks and then gave a company connected to a Cabinet Minister a water contract valued three million dollars more than the lowest bidder.

As low morale and disgust kicks in at WSC, this was released to the staff; ordering them to be silent and stop talking the corporation business. He was happy when staff came talking news to him. He was happy to leak news to the papers. But now that we da people are collecting the information on him he wants to shut down the conversation.

Dey does LIE! The truth is not in dem! They say one thing but does another. YA CAN’T TRUST DEM! It is not the people’s time!

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