Sunday, 14 January 2018

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Jon Stewart lit into CNN Wednesday night after the network botched a report about a potential suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, saying it has become the "human centipede of news."
Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard putting his money where is mouth is, pledging $250,000.00 toward Reef and Mangrove restoration at Nygard Cay.
Bahamians need to rise up and keep people who mean them no good out of the Bahamas!
Like a saint seeking penance Earl Deveaux became the latest voice added to the Louis Bacon Coalition to take back Clifton from the Bahamian people.
The devil is buying up souls these days in his thrust to Protect the Bay and keep Bahamians out and off their land.
What has happened to Rev. C. B. Moss? Has the devil bought him out too?
Fashion mogul Peter Nygard has taken to the airways himself following paid attacks against him by C. B. Moss for Louis Bacon’s Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay.
 Breaking News coming into Bahamas National late Friday night confirms the identity of the country’s 27th murder victim to be that of a Most Wanted Fugitive out of the United States. Sources deep in the US...
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